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Get clever with your "bowls" and "platters."
So you’re lacking in nice serving bowls? No problem … try serving your dips in hollowed out bread (the brown hues of rye and pumpernickel look lovely), or hollowed out bell peppers (just slice off the stem end, de-seed and de-rib). Skip the fruit bowl and use a hollowed out watermelon, canteloupe or honeydewclick to open recipe for MARINATED MOZZARELLA BALLS with PLUM TOMATO instead. Stemmed glassware -- especially large martini and margarita glasses, looks gorgeous with skewered bites or cocktail shrimp hanging off the rim. Lack a serving tray or large platter? Use your cutting boards (preferably nice wood or glass, and not too cut-up), a glass casserole dish, an empty fancy chocolate box, or sushi rolling mats (you can buy these for very, very cheap at an Asian market).

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If you’ve got the time, patience, and inclination, making your own fancy-schmancy hors-d’oeuvres can actually be quite satisfying, and a great way to unleash your creative energies. Check out the following recipes, but remember, modifications are encouraged. Substitute an herb here, a vegetable there, devise a novel serving presentation – have fun bringing your own unique touch to each dish.

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