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clean as a whistle stocking your cleaning closet by Yee-Fan Sun |  1 2 3
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bringing out the heavier hitters
While natural products are certainly better for than environment, letís face it: relying solely on baking soda and white vinegar to deal with all your household cleaning needs requires an awful lot of elbow grease and long hours of toil on your part (added to which, vinegarís kind of malodorous; thereís really no getting around that). Having a few choice heavier-duty chemical agents on hand in your cleaning cabinet will make it a lot easier for you to deal with tougher stains and more stubborn grime Ö

Multipurpose/All-purpose liquid cleaner | For cleaning large surface, namely floors and walls, itís a good idea to keep a bottle of liquid all-purpose cleaner on hand. They generally come in concentrate form, with directions printed on the bottle to tell you how to dilute for various household uses.

Multi-surface spray cleaner | You could buy a separate tub/tile cleaner and glass cleaner, but personally, I like to keep things simple by stocking the bare number of bottles necessary in my cleaning cabinet. Multi-surface cleaners work for ceramic, porcelain, chrome, glass, and more Ė Iím particularly in love with Windex Multi-surface with Vinegar right now, which cleans beautifully, is never streaky, and even has a light, pleasant, sweet smell to it.

Barkeeperís friend | This is my new favorite cleaning product, and an absolutely must-have if you have any stainless steel products or appliances in your abode. Barkeeperís friend is a mild abrasive powder that gets your pots, pans and other metal appliances looking shiny and pretty and new, without scratching up the surface (naturally, itís a good idea to spot-test any product before applying it all over your most cherished goods, but I havenít had any scratching problems with it thus far.)

Oil Soap | For keeping a beautiful sheen on your good wood furniture, invest in Murphyís Oil Soap; keeps your wood clean and dust-free without drying it out.

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Of course, once youíre all stocked-up, the best way to make battling household dirt a breeze is to do it regularly and often Ė well before the dirt, grime and gook has a chance to build up to insurmountable proportions.

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