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cull, baby, cull: bathroom edition
by Yee-Fan Sun
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Naturally, it's always a good idea to keep an extra couple of rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom at all times. This is a habit I picked up from one of my college roommates, who could go for weeks without returning dirty dishes to the dining hall from whence they came, but started hyperventilating any time she noticed that our TP stash was down to just a single roll. Yes, toilet paper has a pesky tendency to run out when there's an apartment full of visitors; to avoid the embarrassment of finding yourself or one of your guests trapped on the can sans toilet paper, you'll want to keep some extra in the bathroom. However, when you're dealing with limited square footage in the bathroom, there's absolutely zero reason save sheer laziness why the entire 12-pack of toilet paper that you bought on sale at Safeway needs to take up precious floor or cabinet space. You can get a toilet paper holder if you're feeling really organized (picture a taller version of a paper towel holder, which can also be co-opted for the job), or just keep a roll or two on the back of the toilet or stashed on a shelf. All the rest of the rolls should go in a storage cabinet outside the bathroom, with new rolls rotated in as necessary.

Last but not least, it's time to address the subject of bathroom reading. If you're a big believer in making good use of your commode time to catch up on light reading, fine. As a great lover of words, I'm all for squeezing in the reading whenever you can. But you do not need to maintain a complete library in the tiny confines of your bathroom. Any magazines or newspapers that you have pored over from end to end should be sent to the recycling bin. As for books, rotate your reading and restrict yourself to one or two tomes in the bathroom at a time. In addition to the fact that keeping piles of books in the bathroom takes up space that's probably in short supply to begin with, the damp, mold-friendly, toilet-overflow-prone bathroom environment is not a terribly hospitable one for your beloved books.

With your newly streamlined bathroom, you should now be able to brush your teeth without tripping over a mountain of magazines, take a bath without risk of all those extra bottles of shampoo trying to invade your tub space, find that Advil in your medicine cabinet without having to pull out a gazillion precariously perched little bottles first. Give yourself a big pat on the back, and enjoy your newfound space.


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