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decorating scents
by Kathryn O'Halloran | 1 2 3
continued from page 2

get in the mood
A sweet-smelling home isnít only delightful for my guests; itís a gift to myself.  Whether I need perking up after a hard day at work, or to wind down and forget the world outside, using the right scents helps set the mood I want.  Hereís a brief guide on which scents to use when...

world weary
Slip into your favorite pajamas, brew up a cup of tea and relax with bergamot, lavender, chamomile and rose oils.  While lavender and chamomile are the scents traditionally used for relaxation, bergamot and rose are my favorites.  If the world has turned pear-shaped and you need to relax, donít kick the cat.  Fire up these babies and take some good, deep breaths.

spicing it up
Maybe you want to use the bedroom for something a bit raunchier than sleeping: slip into something slinky, dim the lights and get the neroli, jasmine, mandarin or ylang ylang oils happening.

party time
I love a party as much as the next person does, but there are times when the thought of getting off the couch is enough to have me in tears.  On nights Iím forced to go out and paint the town scarlet, I turn up the music loud, jump into a refreshing shower and use some lemongrass, rosemary, cardamom or neroli oils to get me in the mood.  Of course, when youíre hosting the party yourself, use these same scents to get the whole crowd in the right mood for fun.

work it hard
You know what itís like Ė a major project was due yesterday but you just canít settle down to finish it.  If you find yourself fuzzyheaded and lacking in concentration, burn some rosemary, basil or peppermint oils to get you focused.

You donít have to just mix and match to your moods eitheró think about your decorating style too.  Sandalwood could be the perfect partner to an Asian influenced dťcor or rose oil to match a girlie-girl theme.

Above all, have fun decorating with scents, and donít be afraid to experiment. Start playing with fragrances by choosing one or two good quality oils, then slowly building up a collection. Soon youíll be luxuriating in a home that smells as lovely as it looks.


Kathryn O'Halloran reveals too much of herself at Cut Lunch Trip and thinks any day she doesn't get out of her pyjamas is a good day indeed.

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