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dressing your dresser
by Kristine Goodwin | 
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3 Double your width
By doubling the width of the fabric, you can then fold the runner in half lengthwise (so the back side of the fabric is on the inside) which ensures that the fold-up pocket is front side up. This also adds more protection to your dresser.

fabric width = 
2 * (runner width) = 
2 * (dresser depth - couple inches)


4 Cut and Pin the fabric
Cut the fabric to the desired size. (Note: if you have leftover fabric, think about reusing it by making potpourri sachets, napkin holders, etc.) 

Fold in the edge of the runner's side that's frayed and pin it so you'll end up with a clean, straight edge (if both sides of the fabric are frayed, you'll want to double over both before pinning). Fold in the doubled-over top and bottom edges of the runner to make clean edges for the open tops of the pockets, and pin.

Sew the dresser runner

Place the no-sew tape between the pinned edges and press down with a hot iron for 10 seconds, Voila! It's that simple. Just use this same method for the pocket's sides: place the no-sew tape along the sides of each pocket, and iron in place.

If the pockets seem to gape open too much, just use some no-sew tape in the opening to make the pocket smaller. Your dresser runner should end up looking something like this:

get printer-friendly directions!


Kristine Goodwin is looking forward to her next remodeling project, as soon as she can figure out what is more important: a vacation or a new bathroom floor.

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