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have a seat
by Yee-Fan Sun
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If you're short on space, consider folding chairs and stacking stools instead of space-hogging dining chairs. Forget about those ugly metal ones they made you sit on in middle school band practices; places like Ikea and Target offer nice-looking versions at perfectly affordable prices.

Chairs are, of course, dandy for their intended purpose of providing you a good place to sit. But that's not all they're good for. Stock up on cool chairs when you're out thrift shopping -- you can use them as cheap side tables for your bed or sofa, piling them up with whatever books and knick knacks your little heart desires. Come party time, just clear off the seats and pull them out for instant extra seating.

get a little wacky: creative seating ideas
Couches and dining chairs -- these are, of course, the obvious options for parking your behind after a long day at work. Still, who says you have to stick with tradition when it comes to creating seating for your digs? Here are a few other ideas…

-- Use outdoor furniture indoors. Hang an inexpensive fabric hammock, pull in some lounge chairs (end-of-summer sales offer great deals), snag that picnic table that you spied at your favorite neighborhood thrift shop. Add plenty of plants and a sisal (or other natural-fibre) rug, or go faux with fake flowers and Astroturf for a kitschy fun indoor outdoor room.

-- Make your own daybed. Throw that extra twin bed against a wall, then get thee to a foam store and have a thick cushion cut to fit along the length of the back, to lessen the depth of the seat. Cover the foam section and the mattress, add plenty of throw pillows, and voila, instant sofa.

-- Use benches in place of dining chairs - this is a particularly good way of maximizing seating in a narrow space.

-- Create a makeshift booth for your eating area by using a sofa for seating. A cheap secondhand couch works dandy here, as you'll generally only be sitting here at mealtimes, not for hours on end in front of the telly.


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