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in living color finding color inspiration
by Yee-Fan Sun
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2 Get thee to the galleries I have to confess: I can't help but cringe whenever I hear someone talk about trying to find artwork to match their sofa. Maybe it's my art student background triggering my inner snob, but to me that's just so backward. Art generally inspires my decorating choices, not the other way around.

So take a good look at any non-black-and-white artwork you already have for a good clue toward the hues that you inherently respond to. Even if you weren't thinking about the colors in the image when you bought that Matisse poster, chances are good that the bold blues and reds and greens were a big part of what made you choose that particular print in the first place. 

Want to play with colors online? Check out these links...

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If you don't have anything remotely resembling artwork in your current abode -- or if you're just looking for a fun excuse to get out of the house some Saturday afternoon, head to an art museum or go gallery hopping. Don't worry if you're convinced you don't know a thing about art; just keep an eye out for anything you think you might kinda sorta like. No one's asking you to play art critic. Check out the paintings, color photographs and sculptures; take note of what you're drawn to, and how the colors contribute to the way that artwork makes you feel.

3 Into the closet  Take a good look at the colors that populate your closet. Do you have a predisposition towards neutrals, a penchant for pretty blues, a weakness for hot pink, an irrational love for orange? Rifling through your clothes, pull out anything that you particularly love for its hue, and start matching up different-colored items to play around with potential color combos. Look for patterns whose colors catch your eye as well. Textile designers are color experts, and you might just find that that poppy-print sundress or your favorite vintage Hawaiian shirt offers color pairings you wouldn't have thought of on your own.

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