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the lazy 
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Sure, the perfectionist in me is always chiding that if youíre going to do something at all, do it well. But doing it well frequently translates into a huge time and energy investment, and when it comes to decorating your cozy little nest, a fair amount of monetary investment as well. The reality of the situation for most of is that we occasionally have to just make do Ö and there are certainly times when those quick, easy, somewhat temporary fixes just make more sense. Whatís the point of buying that perfect, brand-new, very expensive, L-shaped sofa when you know youíre going to be moving cross-country, to a much smaller apartment, within a year? Why bother sanding, staining and re-finishing that hand-me-down dining table set when youíre just using it until youíve saved up enough to buy a nice replacement? Why undertake a full-scale paint-job for the walls of a place you don't even own? Still, making do should never have to mean sacrificing style, and with the right tools and materials, no one will even suspect you took the lazy way out Ö

1. Shoot Ďem up Ö with a staple gun.
Need a quick facelift for that truly grotesque set of free dining chairs you inherited from your aunt Ė you know, the ones with the oh-so-classy horse-motif upholstery? Have a great, big piece of so-hideous-itís-cool 70s-era fabric that youíre just dying to attach to a wooden frame to use as a wall-hanging? Want to cover your dull white walls in floor-to-ceiling burlap, but canít for the life of you figure out how to attach it? Then these simple words of advice for you, my friend: get yourself a staple gun. Manual staple guns of the squeeze-trigger sort are available at both craft stores and hardware stores, in both light-duty (fine for most craft projects and light upholstery projects) and heavy-duty versions (essential for serious re-upholstering and home repairs).

2. Forget zippers and buttons; go with velcro.
Buttons and buttonholes take forever because they have to be hand-sewn, and I still canít for the life of me figure out how to sew in a zipper properly. So when it comes to choosing a way to fasten those duvet covers, throw pillow covers and futon covers Ė my favorite, low-fuss, low-budget way to give a room a color makeover Ė velcro is the big winner in that competition for fastener of choice. For situations like these, sew-on velcro comes in mighty handy, since it can easily go through the laundry machine. Peel-and-stick velcro, on the other hand, is a good solution for attaching wall hangings when you canít drill holes (or for any other project where you donít have to worry about washability/water issues).

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