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kelly, 24 (real estate/architecture) and Neal, 29 (real estate sales/investment)
condo in ft lauderdale, florida
smart shopping 
"Virtually all of the furniture we have purchased has been through consignment stores. It's easier to find higher quality designer pieces for next to nothing. All of the artwork and photographs are mine, with the exception of the large circle and stripe piece near the entrance. That was in the back of a retro furniture store and was being rented out for movie sets. We fell in love with it and bought it for $50. The stools for our bar were a Swedish design we HAD to have but could find nowhere for less than $300 a pop. Wouldn't you know our local grocer began carrying these as workmen stools? We bought them for $15 each!"
the philosophy
"I like to design the most built-in solutions possible. Everything has a home in my spaces, and I'm not big on unnecessary furniture or clutter. The less 'stuff' we surround ourselves with, the better. We have moved several times, and since this will not be our final destination, we'd rather focus on the character of the actual space we inhabit than layering it with useless gadgets in the name of decoration. Our criterion is simple: if we can use it, if it contributes something to our lives, than we find the most pleasing way of incorporating it into our daily landscape. We have enjoyed living here so much because it really embodies our attitudes."

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