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Click to see how this space looked beforehome sweet home |  When grad students Drew and Nicole got their first look at the house they would eventually buy, the place had clearly suffered from undergrad tenants' abuse. But they saw beyond the bad taste and the wear-and-tear -- stuff they knew they could fix -- and realized that this house had something that all the other places they'd looked at had lacked: good flow. As Drew puts it: "Most houses [we looked at here in Tucson] started small, and as additions were added, they were often done cheaply, sloppily and with no consideration for the layout… When we looked at our home, the first thing we noticed was the immensely better flow. A centered hallway with bedrooms and bathrooms on one end and a large kitchen and living room on the other -- who knew they existed?" Soon, Nicole and Drew found themselves owning their very first house … and got to work on the renovating. (Click to view the old space) >