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open living |  When we made the move from Tucson to Edinburgh last fall, one of the things we immediately liked was how old the city was. So when we first started hunting for apartments -- or flats, as the British call them -- we had this idea that we were looking for a traditional old Edinburgh tenement building to call home. But we soon realized that these buildings tended to be dismally dark, with spaces that were very compartmentalized. We wanted character, yes, but we also wanted natural light -- especially since we knew we'd need as much as possible to survive the six-hour-long days of a Scottish winter. This flat proved to be the perfect compromise. A top-floor loft-style flat that had been converted from an old brewery building on the edge of Old Town, the place offered history and character -- plus plenty of sunshine thanks to its high skylighted ceilings well, on the days when the sun's actually out at least!  >