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change it up! |  Breaking away from white walls and into the world of color is one of those decorating decisions that sends many of us into a fit of panic. Not 26-year-old Eve, though, a nurse with a BA in fine arts. There's nary a neutral in the apartment she shares in upstate New York with her fiancé Jason. Says Eve, "My friend & I often joke that neutrals freak us out in the same way that colors freak others out …I just figure that it's not that difficult to repaint a room if I don't like the color, and the best way to tell if it will look good is to do the whole thing -- much to the dismay of Jason since he always gets stuck helping me paint yet again." The living room began as a brighter yellow-green, but Eve decided the color didn't feel sophisticated enough. Finding the great Crate and Barrel tablecloth that she turned into the curtains was another impetus for repainting the walls green. Meanwhile, the blue sofa was originally a red one with a slightly saggy middle. After scoring it off Ebay (they bought the sofa for $62, a deal considering it originally cost over $1000), Eve re-covered it in dark blue fabric, while Jason used some large bolts to create a support for the center. Good as new! >