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jill, 27 (director of sales & marketing for boutique hotel), and 
keith (director of corporate communications for an online services procurement company)
one-bedroom apartment in lower pacific heights, san francisco
on rental decorating
"We live in an 18 unit apartment building, and are lucky to have landlords who give us free reign. As this is a rental apartment, we've really tried to make it a fun and comfortable place to call home (for now), yet not go overboard on expense. The framed art behind the bar in the living room is actually an inexpensive frame that contains a sheet of wrapping paper (we have an identical frame with the same paper on the opposite wall, creating continuity). There are three small pictures in the kitchen near the coffee maker, which are framed postcards from one of our favorite card stores in SF. The silk used on the cord for the chandelier was bought at a yard sale for 50 cents!"


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