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in the box how to pack for a big move 
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Before you seal up any box, try lifting it to make sure you can carry it without incurring bodily harm. As a rough guide, consider that fifty pounds is really about the maximum that's comfortable for most folks to carry. 
And remember: bend your knees when you lift, not your back, unless you really want to incapacitate yourself. 

Last but not least: label and log. Every box should boast its own unique number and a label to indicate what room it belongs in; if a box contains breakables, you'll also want to scrawl a great big FRAGILE note on the box so you (or whoever's heaving the box from one spot to the next) remember to treat it with extra special care. In your notebook (or Excel spreadsheet), make a column for the box number, a column for the room, and a column for listing contents. 

True, it's anal retentive to the core. But it'll make your post-move life heaps easier if you just take a little care to take notes and label properly while you're packing all your stuff away. You'll thank yourself when you're at your new pad nursing a serious craving for a smoothie, and realize you can just look at your list and figure out exactly which of your forty boxes contains the blender.

the move-in survival kit Pack a move-in survival kit and label it UNPACK FIRST. It should be the last thing that goes into your car/moving truck (assuming you're hauling it yourself; if you're hiring someone to drive your goods, make sure to keep this survival kit box with you). Stuff you might want to include:
  • bedding so you can get a good night's sleep after the big move
  • a few plates, cups and utensils (consider disposables, as you'll be busy enough with the move-in that the last thing you'll want to do is wash up the dirty dishes)
  • bathroom essentials, such as toilet paper, soap, and shampoo
  • cleaning products, such as vacuum, broom, dustpan and brush, rags or sponges
  • a few changes of clothing

Take the time to pack properly and you'll find that moving isn't nearly as chaotic as you might expect. Yup, a little organization as you're packing will ensure that once you finally arrive at your new pad, getting the new digs set up will be a breeze.


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