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where to from here? 
the recent grad's guide to post-college housing
by Justin Stempeck
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While the time spent grocery shopping or schlepping your laundry to the Laundromat may not seem like such a big deal, when you're fitting in a job, a social life, and possibly even some exercise or other interests, those minutes become very valuable very quickly. If you're living at home, take that extra time and do something useful with it. Put together a fantastic resume and cover letter, or start a new hobby, but don't let yourself get sucked into the doldrums of reality TV. The minor chores you do around the house really don't compare to the fact that you'd be doing ALL of the chores in your own place, so use that time well, save money, and plan out your search for your own digs.

After you've spent a few months living at home and managed to save up some money in spite of student loan payments, your eyes will likely start wandering over to the real estate section every Sunday. At work each day, you'll idly browse the rentals on craigslist, dreaming of a sunny, spacious 2BR with hardwood floors. Clearly, you're ready to find a place of your own. So what should you do first?

Determining what sort of living arrangement you want prior to apartment hunting will save you time, money, and massive amounts of stress. Do you like living with other people or are you a loner? Obviously this is largely determined by personality, but geography can also play a factor if you find yourself somewhere where you can't quite handle rent on your own (cough "Boston" cough). If you determine that you are in the market for a roommate, be honest with yourself when deciding the type of person that you could live with. It is always tempting to live with a good friend from home, but take a hard look at their habits before signing onto a year of shared quarters and dishes lounging in the sink for days.

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