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crafty crafty: Make a sweater pillow 
by Yee-Fan Sun
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7 Now I needed to find another section of fabric that would be able to bridge the gap in the cover, plus allow at least 4" extra length for an overlap at the pillow cover opening (right). I took a third piece of green fabric, and lined it up with the open edge of the blue fabric, leaving the finished side of the green open. Again, I sewed the pieces together, front-sides facing one another, using a 3/8" seam.

8 At this point, I had a nice long green-blue-green piece of fabric. I placed the fabric front-side up on my work surface, and lined up my pillow edge with the seam I had just sewn. Starting with the finished edge first, I wrapped up the pillow.

9 With the pillow covered, I pinned one of the remaining open sides all the way along its edge,
leaving a 3/8" seam, and being careful not to pin the pillow along with the fabric. (As it turned out, my pillow was exactly the height of the sewn-together sweater bits, but if it had been wider, at this point, I would have trimmed it down, again allowing for a 3/8" seam all around). 

I used a pin to mark where the seam should go on the opposite side, then removed the pillow.

10 All that was left to do now was to sew the open sides closed. With that done, I flipped the cover right-side-out, wriggled my pillow into place, and was done!

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