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Travel decorating on the CHEAP
by Rachel Vine
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Music | Meditative chants, highland flutes, tribal drums, polka. Music often sets the tone of a trip, so why not bring home a bit of aural nostalgia? Practical budgeters buy a cheap tape rather than a CD. Play when the mood strikes you, or when a dropped plate reminds you of that wild party in Athens.

Photos | Trigger-happy tourists can spend pennies (or, at most, a couple of dollars) blowing up favorite images from their trip. Make some 5"x7" enlargements, buy a few cheap frames, then deck your walls with a cluster of your prized travel shots. A shot of a gorgeous view can be blown up to poster size, then framed (because we all know unframed posters are sooo dorm room).

Postcards | Lose your camera? Canít afford processing a billion rolls of film (or simply tired of carrying your prehistoric Pentax around)? Buy a bunch of cheap postcards for each city you visit, then punch a hole through them and bind with string. The backs of each image can be used to write down memories, messages from newly-found friends, etc. Throw your homemade travel booklet on the coffee table. Many big city cafes and discotheques give away free postcards for advertising purposes. Grab handfuls of the fun ones Ė anything in a foreign language is especially good -- and send to friends, use as gift cards, or decorate the fridge.

Maps | Highlight your journey and throw your map on a wall. I used to keep a map of South America hung above the toilet in my bathroom. All my guy friends loved itó it gave them something to do as they went about their business.

Stationery | By all means, snatch that hotel pen. Paper and envelopes should be taken as well. Look for cute notecards, paper with a foreign phrase on the top, and funky envelopes. Countries with a large Chinese population have hoards of fun paper goods around late January for the New Year.

Matchbooks | Especially if they have cute designs, names of restaurants or shops, and the location, keep matchbooks grouped together, preferably in a tacky bathtub ashtray.

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