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what's the difference between scallions and green onions
Scallions and green onions generally refer to exactly the same vegetable. Theyíre also sometimes called spring onions, Chinese onions, and in Australia (confusingly enough), shallots or eschallots. Theyíre much milder in flavor than ordinary onions (although in winter, Iíve noticed, the flavor seems quite a bit more pronounced), and are great either raw or cooked. Itís a very popular flavoring and garnishing ingredient in Asian cooking (as in this recipe for scallion pancakes), and can also generally substitute for fresh chives in any recipes calling for that herb. 

With scallions, youíre generally using the attractive green leafy part of the plant (although the white part closer to the root tastes fine as well); itís only the very bottom inch or so of the root part of the plant that you wonít use for cooking purposes. Still, donít throw out those nubby remainders Ė if you pop the roots into a pot of dirt, and give them sunshine and water of course, the scallions will keep growing, and youíll have access to fresh, free scallions whenever you need them.

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