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Maybe it was always just a crafty ploy on my motherís part to get my Dad to take on a share of the cooking burden.  Iíll admit that I too kind of like the fact that during these summer months, I can get my boyfriend to whip up a good meal for me by simply suggesting he fire up the grill. So Iíve got no problems with the fact that barbecuing outdoors, over a somewhat open fire (in the immortal words of Beavis, or was it Butthead, ďFire's cool! Heh heh ÖĒ ) gets boys all excited about cooking. But itís dawned on me that I ought to, at the very least, learn how to start and use a grill. After all, thereís just something so humiliating about having to rely on a man to do the grilling Ė because Iím an independent and capable woman, dammit, and thereís no reason to be afraid of fire.  Itís high time to get over that grill-phobia. 

So I decided it was time to learn how to grill, going straight to my favorite grill guru Ė my dad, of course. And hereís what I discovered Ö 

The Great Debate: Charcoal versus Gas
Grills come in a wide range of sizes and prices, but the biggest dilemma, it seems, concerns whether to choose a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Charcoal, the choice of traditionalists, imparts a better, smokier flavor to food, which is particularly apparent with steaks and other foods that use a longer cooking time.  In general, charcoal grills also happen to be a bit cheaper than theyíre similarly-sized counterparts.  So why use gas at all, youíre probably asking? The simple answer: pure convenience.  You wonít have to buy charcoal every time you want to grill, or go through the hassle of building your little charcoal mound and struggling to get your fire started.

Canít decide? Thereís a third option, a combination of gas and charcoal, and the grill of choice for my barbecue-obsessed Dad.  It combines the great taste of charcoal with the user-friendliness of the gas grill Ė but itís an option, unfortunately, that doesnít come cheaply.

Starting a grill
All grills should come with a detailed instruction booklet advising you on the proper method of using your grill.  Donít just toss it aside Ė read it carefully, and follow it well, and you should do just fine.

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