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tips for a vegetarian hot pot |
Though itís traditional to have plenty of meat and seafood in a hot pot Ė the Chinese love their vegetables, itís true, but most wrinkle their nose at the thought of veggies cooked without any meat flavorings whatsoever Ė vegetarians can certainly enjoy a meatless hot pot. Just use vegetable broth Ė homemade is best, as the store-bought varieties never have much flavor Ė and increase the variety of your vegetable offerings. You might want to consider cooking some sliced leeks, onions, or scallions in the broth (throw them in at the beginning, along with the cabbage), to get some more flavor in your soup.

etiquette | You can reverse your chopsticks when youíre cooking if you want to be proper, but frankly, Iím of the opinion that dipping the utensils in steaming simmering broth would do a pretty good job of killing germs, for anyone who's worried about that sort of thing. Besides, no matter how hard you try, I guarantee that at some point, youíll forget to flip those chopsticks around. 

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So while the temperatures are still low and youíre craving something hearty to take the chill off your bones, call together the family, your roommates, a small circle of friends, and gather around a hot pot. Clash chopsticks while you mock fight over just who lays claim to that last remaining shiitake mushroom. Converse while you wait for your food to cook. And eat as much as you like, because this is one filling meal thatís actually good for you.


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