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04.12.2007 new

o oh baby! the clueless quasi-adult's guide to hosting a baby shower So your best friend or beloved sister is expecting, and you realize that despite your complete lack of knowledge regarding all things baby, it’s up to you to host that baby shower. Have no fear: we’re here to help… more


o ask the bartender | in the black guinness-based cocktails A simple pint of everyone’s favorite Irish stout, Guinness, would do just dandy for your St Patrick's Day celebrating. But if you’re up for a little more experimenting, here are some easy cocktail recipes that make fine use of the good ol’ black stuff…

plus: tiki cocktails, Appletini, Margarita, Mojito

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o egg me on natural easter egg dyeing Gathering friends for an egg decorating party this Easter? Consider skipping the usual store-bought dyes, and egg-dyeing au naturale instead with these cool dyes made from ordinary kitchen ingredients… more
o dinner is served tips for fab dinner party hosting Keep a few things in mind and dinner parties don’t have to be hopelessly stressful. Here are a few tips to ensure your dinner parties are a smashing success… more
o the envelope please inexpensive ways to snazz up your movie awards party Hosting an Academy Awards party this February 25? Just because the glitziest night in Hollywood is practically synonymous with excess doesn't mean you need an extravagant budget to celebrate it in proper style. Check out these fun, easy and affordable ideas... more
o choco-love easy chocolate treats for your valentine sweets
o touchdown! how to throw a superbowl party
o fa-la-la-la-la holiday cocktail party tips

o nibble on this cocktail snacks
o thanks for sharing organizing a Thanksgiving potluck
o flick or treat host a halloween movie night
o cheap tricks low-budget halloween decor from everyday household stuff

o fall forward how to host a fall dinner party
o party tools how to stock your kitchen for better hosting


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