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Get silly
Apples to Apples |
The idea behind Apples to Apples is super simple – cards are divided into two types, red apples and green apples. Red apple cards name a noun – person, place, thing or event – while green apple cards feature an adjective. Players each hold a hand of red apple cards, and take turns acting as Judge. The Judge puts down a green apple card, and all the other players must slap down their choice of the red apple card that best fits the adjective. Then it’s up to the judge to choose the winner. All of which is actually a lot more fun than it sounds – the game is very fast-paced, and the associations people make can reveal quite a bit about their personalities. Apples to Apples is a fun and easy game to play with a large group of people.

Get personal
Loaded Questions | Loaded Questions is one of the great, undiscovered party board games. It’s the late night game of choice at my game-queen friend Eileen’s house, where many a board-game-wary quasi-adult has found themselves reluctantly sucked into "just a round or two" before heading home. An hour and a half later, they’re almost always still playing. The premise is simple: one player asks a question to which all the other players must then jot down an answer. The questions are all personal, ranging from "When I dance, I look like _____" to "Who in this room do you most admire, and why?" The person who read the question must then guess which person wrote which answer. Truth be told, the questions are so fun that we’ve never even bothered actually playing with the board, but if one were to keep score, the guesser would advance one space on the board for each answer that was correctly matched to the person who wrote it. Though it’s easiest to figure out who wrote what when you’re amongst good friends, the game’s just as fun when you’re playing with strangers. And by the end of the game, you’re guaranteed to have learned a whole lot more about everyone you played with. Unfortunately, Loaded Questions can be difficult to find in stores – Amazon, for instance, doesn’t seem to carry it – but you can order a copy through www.loadedquestions.com.

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Keep an assortment of board games under your coffee table, in the closet, wherever, and you’ll have no excuse for staying bored the next time you and your friends have time to kill!

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