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3. Raw veggies: The key here is presentation. Cut up all your veggies to a uniform size (I like them slender and about 3" long, just long enough and sturdy enough that you can scoop up a good amount of dip without getting your fingers messy). Minimize your workload by using ready-to-eat baby carrots, or radishes. Choose an assortment of different-colored veggies – brilliant orange carrots, cucumber with the dark green skin left on, pale green celery, red and yellow peppers, bright pink radishes.

4. Jarred marinated goodies: Gourmet jarred goods are indispensable for the busy host(ess). Artichoke hearts, olives, roasted red peppers and the like all make excellent toppers for pizzas, sandwiches, and more, but they’re also delicious eaten alone. Arrange an attractive assortment of these goodies on a nice serving platter, speared with toothpicks, and you’ve got a no-effort antipasti dish.

5. Pre-baked pizza crust: The only hard thing about making homemade pizza is hitting upon that perfect pizza dough recipe (frankly, I still haven’t found it). So go ahead and cheat a little by using pre-baked pizza crusts when you’re cooking for the masses. Boboli-brand pizza crusts are available at virtually any supermarket; the Trader Joe’s version is a little bit cheaper and works just as well. 

Get a little fancy with your toppings – real parmigiano-reggiano, fresh goat cheese or mozzarella, fresh basil, jarred marinated artichokes, bell peppers, and kalamata olives – and you get the illusion of homecooked gourmet food without any of the fuss. Take advantage of shortcuts like pitted olives and canned diced tomatoes. Or raid your local deli’s salad bar for small amounts of ready-to-use ingredients. An hour or so before guests arrive, brush a little olive oil on the crust, then sprinkle your toppings of choice. Set the prepared pies aside until your first guests have started dribbling in; once you’re just about ready to serve, bake for 8-10 minutes at 450°F.  

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