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Spread out your food offerings on the coffee table, or scatter munchies on end tables and the tops of low bookcases all around the living room. Grab an ice bucket and fill it up, and you can set up bar just about anywhere – though ideally, not right next to the food, unless you want that one area to be the source of a major traffic jam through the entire duration of your festivities.

5. Fighting the feeding frenzy: It’s an undeniable fact that certain sorts of parties are more difficult to pull off in small abodes. A ten-course banquet for 16 hungry people, prepped in a closet-sized kitchen, and served in  in a humble one-bedroom apartment? Not going to happen.

Formal sit-down meals require a certain amount of space (not to mention a dining table and dining chairs, small luxuries that seems to be absent in a large percentage of twentysomething-inhabited pads). So if you’re planning to invite more than a handful of folks over for dinner, skip the multi-course feast and go with a buffet instead. And if you’re entertaining the masses, forget about the full meal altogether and do an all-appetizer evening instead. Serve neat finger foods, so people aren’t stuck balancing unwieldy plates on their laps.

6. Enjoy the great outdoors: Take advantage of warmer weather and balmy breezes and let your guests spill outdoors. Have a small barbecue out on your balcony, book the grill area at your apartment complex, set up game stations on your patio, make your rooftop your dance floor. Drag your dining table into your backyard, then light some candles (citronella if you want to need to keep the mosquitoes away) and serve an outdoor summer dinner. With the stars as your ceiling you’ll never feel short on space.

Of course if worse comes to worst, you can always reserve a handful of tables at your favorite eatery, organize a roller-rink outing, plan a picnic at the park … and entertain out!

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