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KITCHEN | Maybe you've actually been blessed with that kitchen of your dreams, complete with cathedral ceilings and space galore. More likely, though, if you're like most people I know, your kitchen is of the closet-sized variety, with barely enough room for little old you to stand in the room and  open the fridge, never mind house a couple dozen party guests. Though it might seem natural to set up bar on your kitchen countertop, why not consider moving it to a more spacious section of the house instead [see living room]? Toss some ice in an icebucket, use a cooler to keep your beer and liquors chilled, and you've got a bar that can move anywhere. You can also reduce traffic by closing the kitchen door (if there is one), and keeping the lighting to a very dim minimum.

If you do want to make use of your kitchen as a party gathering spot, at least push any dining table and chairs to the edges -- or even better, to a spare room -- to maximize open floor space. You'll also want to replace those blindingly bright overhead kitchen lights -- a guaranteed mood-killer -- with lower-wattage bulbs, and turn on only those lights that shine directly over food/bar/sink. If you can't turn on the overheads without turning on ALL the overhead lights, skip the overheads altogether; import a lamp or two from another room, or go entirely by candlelight.

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