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Most of us don't think about the bathroom at all when it comes to planning a party -- after all, it's not like people hang out in there. Nonetheless, this tiny cubicle in your house is certain to get a steady stream of traffic during the course of the evening's festivities, so make sure it's presentable. And no, that doesn't just mean picking the dirty underwear up off the floor and hanging up your wet towel.  Make sure that the toilet's been scrubbed, that the sink doesn't have a year-old coating of soap scum, that you've vacuumed up that rug of detached hairs that gets thicker and thicker each time you brush your mane. You'll also want to stock the bathroom with extra rolls of toilet paper, and to hang a hand towel somewhere in the vicinity of the sink.

Of course, if you're feeling super industrious, you can also replace the bright vanity lights with more flattering, lower-wattage bulbs, float some candles in the bathtub (make sure you check on them every once in awhile, though), and put out the fancy hand soap. 

Note about the medicine cabinet: some people will snoop, so hide any potentially embarrassing contents before the guests arrive.

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