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gift ideas within reason 
by Megan Thome
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practical gifts
These gifts often get overlooked. They shouldnít be. Gift certificates for plane tickets, hotels, bed & breakfasts are gifts that people get to enjoy once upon opening and a second time upon use. The mother of a friend of mine loves, loves, loves to receive a roll of 100 stamps every Christmas because she doesnít have to stand in line at the post office during the year. There are high-end car washes around that offer 10-wash package-deals for the obsessive-compulsive car owner you know. Check out the local coffee shop for the caffeine freak. Donít overlook the recipientís salon for a haircut or product gift. For a $50 credit, maybe the local bakery will let you gift a yearís worth of fresh-baked bread to a lucky one on your list. My college-bound sister just wants giftcards to the grocery store. She figures if she doesnít have to spend money on groceries, she can spend it paying off her car.

Every year my brother, sisters and I pitch in to get my dad what he really, really wants. When we wrap it, though, we bury the real gift at the bottom of a box thatís filled to the brim with new underwear. Funny for us. Useful for him.

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If you havenít found an idea from this list, just think about what your dear ones, really, truly enjoy. Itís not about what you want them to have. Itís about them wanting what you give. Thatís a gift. Itís just a matter of stepping into their shoes for a moment. Iíd stay out of their bras though.


Megan Thome is a senior copywriter and documentarian of the human experience. A rat once invaded her 500 square-foot apartment and ate 17 pairs of her pretty underwear. She currently resides in Americaís Heartland but lives in a world of her own.

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