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Sound logic
This much should be obvious: please, please, please place the speakers to your stereo in the room where most people will be gathering. Or even better, in every room that you’ll be using for your soirée. There’s nothing that says that your speakers have to sit right next to your receiver: buy speaker wire at Home Depot or the like, and you can place your speakers just about anywhere in the house you please. Speaker wire can be run through ductwork, or if you choose to run it along the walls, use self-adhesive cordcover (available at Home Depot) to adhere your wire in place, and to camouflage it neatly. Try and get your speakers up off the ground, and well above the furniture line – you’ll get much better acoustics if those sound waves aren’t getting absorbed by sofas, armchairs, and the like. You’ll also want your speaker to be at least six feet or so apart, in order to achieve that nice stereo sound.

The little things
While the big picture is important, there are certain little details that make a huge difference in assuring the success of your party. Once you’re done vacuuming the floor and switching the bulbs, don’t forget to also …

• Hang a clean hand-towel somewhere in the vicinity of the bathroom sink.
• Make sure there’s handsoap in the bathroom.
• Stock the bathroom with extra rolls of toilet paper.
• Have a trashcan in your bathroom – lined with a plastic bag, please.
• Empty the trash in your kitchen and line it with a fresh plastic bag.
• Set-up a cooler (or multiple coolers) for keeping drinks icy -- there’s no way you’ll have enough room in your fridge to store all the beer and soda. Buy big bags of ice at the supermarket or convenience store.
• Have paper towels handy in the kitchen (for cleaning up those inevitable beverage spillages).
• Take out a corkscrew, and place it wherever you’re setting up the wine.
• Dig out a bottle opener, or better yet two, and keep one near the fridge, another by the cooler.

Having accomplished all that, give yourself a little break – grab a beer, get some music going, and relax until the guests arrive!

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