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a thanksgiving planning timeline |
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the countdown, continued
thanksgiving day!
First thing in the morning: get up and pre-heat the oven to 350F. 

Make the

Clean the turkey by rinsing inside and out with cold water. (Donít forget to remove the pack of goodies from the cavity! Save the neck and giblets for stock/gravy.) Pat dry with paper towels. Stuff the bird Ė loosely! -- and truss (sew up the cavity and tie up the legs with twine); season the outside. Pop the turkey in the oven and start cooking. Itíll take at least 4 hours to roast a 10-12 lb. stuffed bird, so plan accordingly!

Finish up any work that still needs to be done for your
side dishes; heat up anything that needs to be heated up. 

Remember to baste that turkey, using olive oil and pan juices, every half hour or so.

Do the dishes/ load the dishwasher/ tidy up the kitchen as you go, thus guaranteeing that when the guests arrive, they'll be amazed and impressed by your apparent ability to whip up a feast with no effort at all.

Once the turkeyís done (youíll know when a thermometer inserted mid-thigh reads 1
80F), youíll need to let it sit for at least a half hour or so before itís ready to be carved. While youíre waiting, prep the gravy (use those pan drippings from the roasted turkey), warm the rolls, and set out the side dishes.

Happy eating!

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