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theme parties: 
lection night
Cocktail party

by Susan Buzzelli | 1 2 3

For the first time since the final episode of Survivor, there’s a television event worthy of a drunken soirée - Election Night. When the eve of November 7th rolls around, Al and George W. will replace Rich and Kelly as contenders in a race to win the grand prize. Residents of Washington D.C., where the drama unfolds, will be getting down at elegant shindigs and brazen bashes thrown by the likes of the League of Women Voters and the Young Republicans. Whether you're a Democrat, Republican, Green or Independent, you too can use one of the closest Presidential races in history as the perfect excuse to throw another kind of party — the cocktail kind.

Thanks to Gore and Bush's quirky personalities, the presidential campaign provides plenty of fodder for a witty, whimsical election night celebration that will give you the opportunity to impress friends and coworkers with your political savvy. Here’s a rundown of ideas for drink, decoration, food and music inspired by the candidates themselves that will make your election night shindig a winner:

Check out any of the dozens of web sites that hawk political memorabilia, for ideas on how to make your apartment kitschier than the closing night of the Republican convention. Politicalgifts.com, for example, sells deluxe Gore/Lieberman or Bush/Cheny supporter kits, for $75 each. The kits include, among other things, a "Friend's Don't Let Friend's Vote Republican" bumper sticker, a Bush rubber face mask, and a stuffed donkey. A more reasonably priced option, available on goregear.com, is the neighbor support pack, which includes two each of yard signs and bumper stickers. Or for $24.95, you could also choose to count down to the election in style with a "Count Down to Election Day" plush donkey. It comes with a countdown clock and pictures of Gore and Lieberman on either side of the saddle.

A less expensive, more sane decorating option entails tossing a handful of red, white and blue streamers on the floor, printing out a few mock campaign posters on your computer and tossing a few newspaper piles around the room. Welcome your friends to the official party headquarters and start pouring the drinks.

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