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can't buy me love valentine's day on a budget by Patricia Virella | 1 2 3 4
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spa-it at home
A trip to the spa is always a great gift, but turning your home into a spa offers so much more intimacy. Buy some baby oil and give someone that much-needed massage.  Warm the baby oil (5-10 seconds in the microwave) and let your fingers ease the stress of your honey’s day.   Baby oil can be found as low as $1.00 and the massage is free. Pamper overworked tootsies by preparing an opulent spa-esque foot bath with chocolate and milk and a homemade rub (see right).  Not only are the homemade ingredients better for you, but your tootsies will feel pampered in this deliciously decadent foot bath.
For an allover calming experience, draw a milk bath— guaranteed to make your skin soft and have you craving more (see right).  Whatever spa treats you choose to indulge in, set up some candles, put on some soothing music, get a nice bottle of wine or your bevvie of choice, and just relax and enjoy your time.  Fifteen minutes of peace and quiet can do wonders for someone.  And as an added bonus, since it’s in your house, no one can kick you out because your allotted time is over.  If your fifteen minutes turns into an hour, who cares?! 
Cocoa Valentine's Foot bath
Scrub mixture:
1 cup olive oil
1˝ cups white sugar

1 Tbsp. of cocoa powder
1 cup milk
˝ cup mint leaves,  chopped
1 Tbsp. baby oil
1 tsp. vanilla extract  

Combine all ingredients in soak and mix until incorporated.  Add to slightly hotter-than-warm water.  There should be enough water in your foot basin to cover your ankles when your feet are in.  Sit and soak for at least 10 minutes.

Milk Bath
2 Tbsp. baby oil
1˝ gallons whole milk
a spritz or two of your favorite body oil or perfume
flower petals (optional)  

After taking a shower, fill your bath water.  Make sure you fill it to a little less than you normally would because you want to have room for your milk and other ingredients.  Warm milk and pour into bath with baby oil, oil or perfume and flower petals.  Now hurry up and get in…

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