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can't buy me love valentine's day on a budget by Patricia Virella | 1 2 3 4
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get personal
A box of chocolate can be nice…and pricey! Instead, find a nice Valentine gift bag and stuff it with loads of your Valentine’s favorite candy bars.  Make another goody bag filled with the little things your Valentine likes.  I made a goody bag for my fiancé with comic books and licorice.  Simple, sure, but it caters to the things he likes.  If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, then celebrate what your Valentine loves.  My guy friends often give into the teddy bears and balloons.  Not everyone is into that.  Trust your instincts and try something new.  Remember, you know your significant other better than any Valentine tradition could.

digging for deals
The Internet has given us numerous options for pricing different goods, making it easy to unearth sale prices and loads of free incentives. Use a search engine to uncover bargains on things from plane tickets to flowers to lingerie.  Or visit the website of your favorite shop— many stores have online sales rather than in-store sales.

Many local newspapers have advertisements that showcase Valentine’s Day specials at stores, restaurants and other hot spots.  Sometimes you can find great steals, like dinner for two at a nice restaurant, with complimentary roses and a glass of champagne, for under $60.00.  If you already have a specific restaurant in mind, make sure to ask whether they’re offering any Valentine’s Day specials when you call to make your reservation.  Digging for deals like these makes things much easier on your bank account, while still allowing you to satisfy your dreams of having a full night of events with your sweetie. 

o o o

When all is said and done, enjoying your Valentine’s Day is the most important part.  You know what would make your day special for both you and your partner, and trust me: in the end, money really can’t buy anyone’s love. 

Patricia Virella was born in Spanish Harlem, and grew up entirely in NYC. She currently lives in Brooklyn and works at an advertising agency. She is also a student at the Adelphi University. When she's not throwing fabulous dinner parties on a shoestring budget, she enjoys spending time with her 6 and 9 year old nephews, as well as painting.

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