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bye-bye wedding gift blues give a great gift without going broke 
by Michele Caldwell | 1 2 3
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address labels
For around $30 you can send the happy couple address labels from www.familylabels.com. This web service customizes address labels with little cartoon images of the senders. You can choose the skin, hair, and eye color, as well as hairstyle and other special features; there's even a pet option for those sickening couples who added a puppy or kitty to the family pre-marriage! This gift is especially appropriate for couples that are buying a new home. Cheesy? Just a tad, but that's part of the fun of it and when you think of all the thank-you cards the couple will have to send, the gift is sure to come in handy. These cute labels offer a creative way for the thank-you card receivers to have the new address and enjoy a laugh as well.

Most couples enjoy movies, as well as spending cozy nights canoodling, or whatever just-married people do. No movie night is complete without popcorn, and no popcorn beats homemade popcorn. You can buy a good popcorn popper for under $20. Add a nice deep popcorn bowl, a handbook for interesting popcorn recipes, and/or a gift card to Blockbuster and you've got a great indoor date night package for the couple to enjoy long after the honeymoon.

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Weddings are a part of what summer is all about, despite the financial finagling. But, busting your budget doesn't have to be part of weddings. So enjoy the free booze, the free food, and the possibility of finding a gorgeous cousin-of-the-bride to do the Chicken Dance with while escaping a case of the I-can't-afford-a-cool-wedding-gift-blues.


Michele Caldwell teaches public speaking at the University of Cincinnati while working on her master's thesis.


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