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when the weather outside is frightful... by Sumi Raghavan | 1 2 3
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5 Rearrange your digs. Okay, hear me out here. A few weeks ago the heating pipe next to my bed became active and I found myself waking up in an oven. So, I moved my bed to the other side of my room -- which required me to move another piece of furniture around, and then a couple more. All of a sudden, my room felt pleasantly different. In a small apartment, finding ways to fit your furniture and preserve an illusion of space is not always easy. My room has a bed, desk, dresser & nightstand, which is about all the furniture the space can accommodate. But a few small changes dramatically changed the room's appearance -- moving a couple pieces of furniture slightly this way or that, and turning the nightstand diagonally instead of letting it sit parallel to the wall. If you can't be active outside, be active inside. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised with the results.

6 Reach out and touch someone. We're all busy quasi-adults, leading busy quasi-adult lives, and we're often pulled in ten different directions. On a regular basis I feel torn between my boyfriend, friends, family, and oh yeah, myself. (Because somewhere in all of this I crave my alone time too.) But as hard as I try to stay on top of everything and everyone (no, not in THAT way), let's face it: some relationships still fall through the cracks. There are so many friends that I'm always "meaning to call back," or "really need to email," or "totally need to get together with." The good news about crappy weather? If you're stuck at home, chances are, so are some of your friends. So take a few moments to make those calls and get back in touch with your favorite people. With so much going on in our lives, it's sometimes easy to get a little self-absorbed -- a quiet evening stuck indoors provides the perfect opportunity to take a time-out from the craziness, and find out how everyone else is doing.

o o o

Being stuck at home doesn't have to be dull and boring. The fact is, we probably run around far too much anyway, and we could use the opportunity to step back and indulge in some quiet time at home. So the next time you find the cold and damp are proving inhospitable to venturing outdoors, quit cursing the weather -- hit the pause button for an evening, and enjoy.


Sumi Raghavan is a twenty-three year old New Yorker with a scientific trade and literary passions. When she's not in the office, Sumi can be found in various art galleries, cafes, bars and restaurants, or sometimes on her Ikea futon , curled up with a good book. She lives a meager but fun filled life in Brooklyn with her roommate and her kitten, Max, who she's recently and surprisingly discovered is actually
a female.

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