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lost, veronica mars
by Yee-Fan Sun
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With many wounded to care for, a doctor named Jack quickly assumes control of the situation; he's soon joined by a young woman named Kate, who has no medical training, but nonetheless finds herself thrown into the role of nurse. Amidst the chaos, more passengers emerge dazed and panicked, but remarkably still alive. There's big, affable Hurley, rock-star has-been Charlie, former Iraqi army officer Sayid, shady misanthrope Sawyer, and an older man named Locke, who finds that the crash has bestowed upon him an amazing miracle. Some of the survivors are fortunate enough to have family make it through the crash as well -- a very pregnant young woman named Claire, married Korean couple Jin and Sun, architect Michael and his estranged son Walt, as well as a pair of spoiled wealthy siblings, Boone and Shannon. Each deals with the crash in his own way: denial, hysteria, relief, anger, action. A final count reveals there are only 48 remaining passengers total, and as the reality of their situation sinks in, it becomes clear that escaping narrow death was just the first of their problems: they've managed to land far, far from civilization, supplies are limited, there's no sign of rescue in sight and the island, as it turns out, harbors as many dark, dangerous secrets as the survivors themselves.

From the very first episode, Lost manages to establish itself as TV crack -- equal parts exhilarating and utterly maddening, and dangerously, hopelessly addictive through and through. Offering more thrilling plot twists, potential clues and red herrings than any mere mortal could possibly wrap their brain around after just a single viewing, it's a show that offers many rewards for smarty-pants, folks who don't mind puzzling things out for themselves, wienies who get a kick out of noticing the subtle details. In short, it's the kind of story that gives a lot for those who put in a lot; Lost makes no effort to coddle lazy viewers as it introduces more and more layers to its already dense plot. Still, featuring delectably eerie ambience, a fast pace, as well as a very purty and talented huge ensemble cast, Lost doesn't let its ambitious storytelling get in the way of providing plenty of entertainment. As the exciting first season winds to a very open-ended finale, you'll likely find yourself with more questions than you started off with. What's the scary force lurking in the jungle? Is Locke good or evil? Was the crash really an accident at all, or are there higher powers at work? With the series now midway through its second season, only time will tell whether even the writers have a clue. In the meantime, get your hands on season 1 -- whether you're a new viewer jumping on the Lost bandwagon, or a long-time fan looking to unearth more hints as to what's been happening, where things are heading, and what it all means.

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veronica mars
Starring: Kristen Bell, Percy Daggs III, Enrico Colantoni, Teddy Dunn, Jason Dohring, Francis Capra, Amanda Seyfried
Buy: The First Season

In the small seaside town of Neptune, California, where movie stars and corporate billionaires live on one side of town while those who serve them struggle to get by on the other, dark secrets lurk beneath all that never-ending sunshine. Working hard to bring all these sordid truths to light, sassy Veronica Mars juggles life as a high school junior with an after-school job as a private eye. Officially, she's just supposed to be helping out her PI dad in his office, but with her insatiable curiosity and knack for putting the clues together, Veronica can't help but take on the occasional case. As one of the poor kids in town, she's ever resourceful about making extra money whenever she can. And besides, the gig offers her the chance to get at a few mysteries that have been plaguing her own life of late.

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