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art for all how to ditch the posters and get real art by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I'm not a big fan of posters. Yes, even the "nice" art posters you buy at fine arts museum shops, the ones featuring reproductions of everyone's favorite Matisses and Klimts and Warhols. I'm not disputing that these can be pretty, because yeah, you're right: that Picasso knew what he was doing. No, my poster prejudice isn't really about the aesthetics, which I'll admit can be just fine. The problem with posters, see, is that they're what everyone has tacked up on their walls. They're what you expect when you walk into a typical budget-challenged twenty-something's abode. And while I understand why so many of us have them -- they're cheap! they're easy to find! -- frankly, I promise: you can do better.

There are so many ways to pepper your walls with real artwork that it amazes me that so many folks are willing to settle for the same-old same-old reproductions. True, that Van Gogh is probably a smidge out of your league, but art doesn't have to be hanging in a gallery to qualify as art, and it doesn't have been made by anyone famous for it to be beautiful and interesting and meaningful to you. Art is everywhere, if you only take the time to look, and it comes in prices to suit all budgets, which means that not having enough money isn't really any excuse. Yes, with just a little more effort than it might take you to browse the reproduction print offerings at your favorite home decor store, you can get something way more interesting and original, something far more you. Don't know where to start looking? Check out these ideas on how to bring a little real art into your life…

1 Get schooled. Take an art class. City parks and recreation departments, university extension schools and art museums all offer classes in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and more. These classes are often designed with the complete novice in mind, so don't worry if you're going in with zero art experience. In addition to making some artwork of your own, you might also make some new friends -- who just might have a piece or two they'd be willing to share with you.

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