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bathe in beauty spiff up your bathroom
by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3 4
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Once you’ve created more space to actually put all your junk, it’s a smart idea to further organize things using decorative storage containers and boxes. Sure, you can run out to your nearest Target and find storage solutions at a reasonable price, but if you’re really short on cash, there’s no need to despair. Get creative and recycle – shoeboxes and other small cardboard boxes, glass mason jars, and the like can all be covered with fabric, painted, decoupaged or otherwise transformed into attractive storage containers to enhance your décor.

get fancy
Once you’ve taken care of the more pragmatic matters, it’s time for the fun part of your bathroom re-do: decorating!

theme it
There are some who will tell you that there’s only one acceptable theme for bathroom décor: pristine and spa-like. While the cool, crisp, clean look is certainly a logical choice, it’s not the only one. Basically, any theme that works for the rest of your house is a potential theme for the bathroom, and indeed bathrooms, since they tend to be rather small, can offer the perfect opportunity to test-drive a crazy idea before you apply it to the entirety of your abode. After all, it takes a whole lot less effort to re-decorate one tiny bathroom than it does to re-theme your whole apartment.

Theme decorating isn’t for the timid; you have to be the sort of person who’s able to embrace a semi-arbitrary concept, then go all-out with evoking it to the fullest extent of your abilities. With theme decorating, there’s no such thing as too much. A few ideas for inspiration:

zen out | bamboo matchstick blinds, accessories made from natural materials (natural fibers, unpainted wood, stone), orchids and bonsai trees
welcome to the jungle | animal prints, vine-y plants (pothos and spider plants are particularly easy to grow), gauzy white curtains/mosquito netting
world traveler | maps galore (framed on the wall, decoupaged onto storage boxes), postcards from exotic locales
tiki heaven | think tropical, think lush: grass-skirts, faux flowers, dancing hula girl statuettes
viva las vegas | feather boa-trimmed curtains, sequined accessories, glitter galore, and all the bad Elvis art you can dredge up.
space age retro | orb lighting fixtures, bold, saturated colors, graphic 60s/70s prints

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