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by Yee-Fan Sun | 
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I don’t care if you’re in your office, in the library, at school, wherever. Close your eyes, and imagine your bedroom. Not about how it looks, but how it makes you feel. If thinking about your bedroom doesn’t make you want to retreat there right now, well, frankly, it’s time for a makeover.

Your bedroom, more than any other room in your home, is a personal space. It’s your nest, a private sanctuary; it’s the one room in the house that guests – other than very special guests that is (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) – generally aren’t invited in to hang out and make themselves at home. Here’s the place where you sleep, sleep with, dream. Creating a great bedroom isn’t so much about finding a fab set of furniture as it is about turning an ordinary, non-descript room – four walls, a closet, a door, some windows – into your room. A good bedroom comforts you, soothes you, seduces you, invites you in to escape the rest of the world. It’s the most you space in the whole house – or it should be, at any rate.

Feeling less than totally enamored of your bedroom these days? Give your bedroom a little makeover with any of these quick fixes…

1 Clean and cull: Maybe it should go without saying. But I’ve seen too many quasi-adult bedrooms – my own included, at times – to know that bedrooms, more so than more public areas of the house, have a tendency towards disintegrating into chaos, particularly for those of us who only pick up house when we know that guests are due to descend.  The bedroom becomes the room where you dump all the junk that you’ve “cleaned” from the rest of your abode. Soon, you find your dresser’s buried under a mountain of books, newspapers, magazines, receipts, ticket stubs, junk; you can’t see your carpet through the laundry – is it clean or dirty, even? – strewn atop the floor. So first things first: pick up your bedroom. Get a hamper for your dirty clothes, designate an area to hang semi-dirty clothes, discipline yourself to fold and put away the clean clothes. Get a bookshelf for your books, a little box to keep important receipts, a trash can to toss out all the rest.

Do a little de-knick-knacking. Now I’m not telling you to purge yourself of your beloved assemblage of Wolverine action figures, or to toss out that prized postcard collection you’ve been amassing since childhood, but if you have any packrat tendencies at all – and most people I know tend more towards the cluttered than the Spartan – you’ll find you have plenty of tiny little things that serve no purpose in your bedroom other than to take up space. If you don’t love it enough to go through the effort of giving it a quick dusting off once a week or so, it can probably be put away, sold, donated, tossed.

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