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light bright how to brighten up a dark room 
by Yee-Fan Sun
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5 Mirror, mirror. Yes, it's an obvious trick, but mirrors really can work wonders to magnify even the smallest amount of natural light. Still, plastering an entire wall in floor-to-ceiling mirror is only a good idea if you're genuinely trying to evoke 80s-bachelor-pad-from-hell. The key is to make judicious use of mirrors: more is decidedly not better. Add a single big showpiece mirror or create a display of funky-framed smaller ones; either way, you'll not only brighten up your room, but perk up plain walls as well. Alternatively, turn your mirror horizontal and use it as a tabletop.

6 Sheer madness. Make the most of whatever natural light you do get by sticking with translucent window coverings, or better yet, skipping the curtains altogether. If you can't stand the idea of neighbors being able to see straight into your nest, you can always do layers; have a sheer liner paired with heavier draperies. Keep the drapes tied back and out of the way during the daytime, and the liner will still provide some privacy while letting in whatever rays there are to be had; the drapes can then be drawn at night after the sun's gone down, so you can rest easy knowing that any potential peeping Toms won't see a thing.

7 Warm fuzzies. Sure, good light makes a room feel nice because it stimulates our visual senses, but don't forget that there are other senses to appeal to as well when it comes to decking out the digs. Dark rooms have a tendency to feel cold; warm things up by introducing fuzzy, touchable textures that invite you to snuggle up. So pile on the fluffy pillows (sweater pillow, anyone?) and the woolly throw blankets; by appealing to your sense of touch, that dark, formerly depressing room will feel heaps more inviting.


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