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high-tech crafts, low-tech effort  by Diana Goodman | 1 2 3
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3. Reflectors: On bike wheels, behind Christmas tree lights, under candles. Use them as Christmas tree decorations. Bunch enough together, slap on a bow and make a high-tech wreath!
Cost | $0.
Time | None.

4. Picture frame (small): It doesn't get any easier than this. Take CD. Take picture. Tape/glue picture to CD. But now the real problem: How to put it up? Your options: Glue a magnet to the back, put it on the fridge. Use mounting tape. Duct tape string/twine/fishing line/picture wire to the back, then hang it on a nail. Or drill a hole (or two) through the CD and put it on a hook. (Would look great if you had a bunch of them!)
Cost | 50 cents for hook.
Time | 5 minutes.

5. Picture frame (large): Glue four CDs to light cardboard (like an old cereal box), tape/glue on a picture.  Cardboard can be smaller than the four CDs and hidden, or larger than the four CDs, creating a "CD matte" on which  you can paint, doodle, glue stuff, etc. Mounting-tape it to the wall or attach something (in any of the ways described in the small picture frame project above) to hang it.
Cost | 50 cents for hook.
Time |10 minutes.

6. Clock: The ready-made center hole all but screams for a DIY clock set, which you can find in most hardware and craft stores, usually back with the doll-making and woodworking bits. Or you can find a small, drop-dead ugly clock at a yard sale and give it a facial. Repaint it, slap on a little glue, a CD, some creativity - it's Clock 2.0!
Cost | $5 for clock set or garage sale find.
Time | Under half an hour.  

7. Switch plate: Cutting CDs is a bit of a pain. They can be cut with scissors, but the pressure of the cutting action tends to give them lots of little fractures. Drilling them, though, works really well. For a switch plate, you cut/drill out the center hole to fit your light switch (remove the plate and use it as a guide), then drill your nail holes. Attach either directly to wall, or on top of current switchplate.
Cost | $0
Time |10 minutes.    

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