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a home + living guide for the post-college, pre-parenthood, quasi-adult generation


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décor dilemmas:
Cluttered place/

Spartan space
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Every apartment and every house comes with its own set of distinctly personal quirks. (My own home, for instance, has the vexing characteristic of having just about everything that’s pre-installed – lighting fixtures, bathroom vanity, medicine cabinets – aligned to absolutely nothing, and, if it comes as part of a pair, just slightly askew from its mate.) Certain decorating problems, however, seem universal to the quasi-adult living experience. Whether it’s because what little cash we have goes towards student loans, food and rent, or we’re just too swamped with work and play, the end result is that our abodes have a natural tendency towards one of two extremes: the cluttered, "I can’t resist buying every piece of junk I find at the flea market" place or the spartan, "I’m too lazy to decorate" space. You know which category you fall under; either way, we’re here to help ...

cluttered place
the symptoms: You know you’re nursing a clutter problem if you’ve got …

• Stacks of books + CDs  piled up in precarious towers on top of that one crammed little bookcase, spilling over onto the floor, the coffee table, the kitchen table, etc.
• A hodge-podge of sofas and chairs, in clashing colors and patterns, squeezed so tightly into your living room that there’s barely room to walk.
• No wall visible because it’s tacked end-to-end, floor-to-ceiling with all manner of posters, snapshots, postcards, your candy wrapper collection, that placemat from the Chinese restaurant where you and your sweetie went on your first date …

. . spartan space
the symptoms: You know your place is uninvitingly spartan if …

• Your living room consists of less than three pieces of furniture
• You’re using cardboard boxes as a TV stand, bedside table, sofa end table … in short, for any function other than storage or shipping.
• You can see every stain, crack and nail hole in the vast, stark, naked expanse of your walls
• Sound echoes, bouncing unimpeded off the bare walls, as there’s simply no stuff in between to absorb/block it.
• Visitors ask you how you’re liking your new place … when you’ve been living there for a year and a half already.

read on for our simple remedies!


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