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décor dilemmas: Cluttered place/ Spartan space | 1 2 3
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Conquering the clutter
1. Tidy up those cords: Gather up excess cord and secure with a twistie, then hide it behind appliances, cabinets, furniture, etc. Any cords that are hanging down or along a wall – speaker wire, hanging lamp cord – can be concealed with self-adhesive plastic cord cover (available at Home Depot), which comes in white and cream and can be painted to match your walls.
2. Organize your books: By size, by subject, by color (that’s a joke … I’m of the firm belief that books should be used, and anyone who organizes by color is obviously more concerned with aesthetics than with ease-of-use). Line up all book spines AT THE FRONT rather than pushing them all towards the back of the bookshelf – trust me, it’ll look a ga-zillion times neater. Leave a little room on the shelf in front of the neatly-aligned books, and you’ve got space to display small pictures and collectibles as well. And speaking of collectibles …
3. Get the knick-knacks under control: First and foremost, do some weeding. Second, group the doo-dads together by theme, color, shape … the key is to make the group look like less of a hodge-podge. Third, rotate your collections! Yeah, it’s a little anal-retentive, but it’ll let you show off all your goods, a little at a time, and, as an added perk, will ensure that your visitors always have something new and different to look at when they visit.
4. Control your color: Paint your walls, bookcases and cabinets in a single color and you’ll instantly unify the largest items in your space. Got 5 different types of woodgrain represented in your furniture offerings? Cover it all up with paint and you’ve got an instant matching set. White gives you a nice clean canvas, and gives the illusion of more space, but it’s certainly not the only option: what’s most important is that you keep the number of different, competing shades to a minimum. Sticking with solids and avoiding patterns will also help minimize the visual chaos.
5. Buy storage containers in multiples: Decorative bowls, glass jars, wicker baskets, galvanized aluminum tins … all provide attractive storage space and can be lined up neatly on a shelf to hide away a wide assortment of odds and ends. Or recycle those empty shoeboxes and turn them into snazzy storage boxes by covering them with decorative paper or fabric.
6. Add a door or curtain to your bookcases to hide away the junk. For easy curtains, you could attach self-adhesive velcro to the top of the bookcase and to a piece of fabric (cut and hemmed to the exact size of your bookcase, of course), or use hooks (attached to the bookcase) and grommets (in the fabric).

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