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flower power flower arranging for hipsters
by Kathryn O'Halloran
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Mini garden: This arrangement is more complex to make, but looks lovely and makes a great gift.  You need a pot, some floristís foam, enough moss to cover the top of the pot, flowers with a hard stem and some interesting-looking twigs.  The twigs should be about twice as tall as the flowers.  Check out your local florist or floristry supplier for the goods.

Step One:  Take a pot Ė a terracotta pot is good if it is water-fast, but any kind of pot will do.

Step Two: Cut a block of floristís foam for inside the pot. Donít fuss too much about getting the foam to be an exact fit.  You will cover the foam in the next step anyway. Put the foam into the pots then saturate them with water.  You can submerge the whole thing Ė pot and all Ė by holding it under water for a few minutes.

Step Three:
  Cut the moss to cover the top of the pot.  It can be a bit rough and rustic.  That will only add to the look.

Step Four:
  Poke some flowers into the pot. 
The flowers really need to have hard stems so they donít droop, but you can twist floristry wire around the stems if you desperately want to use a bloom that has a tendency to flop over.  Five is a good number to use in a small pot.  When using floristís foam, decide where you want each stem to go before you insert them; you donít want to make repeated holes in the foam while you reposition flowers.

Step Five:
  Create a border of twigs.  This should be like a fence around the blooms.  Again, it doesnít hurt to be rough and rustic.

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