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flower power flower arranging for hipsters
by Kathryn O'Halloran
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Classic Arrangement: If you want to go for a traditional look then a simple triangle arrangement is the best place to start.  Once you know the basics, you can play with looks to suit your own style.  You can create a soft, girlish arrangement by using gentle colour combinations like pinks and mauves and delicate flowers, or go funky with strong flowers of contrasting colors like tulips and gerberas.

Step one: Imagine a triangle shape coming up from your container.  This will be the basic shape for the arrangement

Step two: Next, insert some greenery to define the triangle shape.  It is best to use solid, firm shapes rather than something wispy.

Step three:
Next, insert the largest, most eye-catching blooms around the triangle shape, cutting the stems so they fit within the shape. 

Step four:
Finally, insert smaller flowers to fill in the gaps.

Tips for arranging flowers:

  • Use odd numbers

  • Keep it simple.  It is best to use a simple vase or container that doesnít distract from your flowers.

  • Your flowers should make up around a half to two thirds of the arrangement.  You can add height to flowers (if you are using an opaque vase) by padding the bottom of your vase with some scrunched up plastic bags.  You need to submerge them to remove all the air.  This is a good trick to use when you buy (or are given) a bunch of flowers that are going to look ridiculously short in your only vase.

  • If the neck of your vase or container is too wide for the flowers to sit nicely, criss-cross some sticky tape across the top of the vase and poke the flowers through the holes.

  • Donít just think about color and texture -- consider fragrances as well.  More than one strongly fragrant type of flower can make your arrangement overpowering.

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