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blooms away! how to make the most of your fresh flowers by Yee-Fan Sun | 1 2 3
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Step 4: Find a spot for your flowers. Lower arrangements work well on dining and coffee tables, where they'll sit prettily without impeding your ability to carry on a conversation with folks sitting on the opposite side of the table. Taller arrangements, on the other hand, can perk up a plain windowsill, mantelpiece, or corner of the room. Wherever you end up placing your flowers, it's a good idea to keep the blooms away from excessive heat and freezing cold drafts. Also keep away from fruits, which give off gasses as they ripen that will speed up the wilting process of your flowers.

Step 5: Add more water every day to keep the blooms hydrated. Change the water every three days, and recut all stems as well. Nip off any wilting blooms. All this will mean that your arrangement steadily shrinks in size; change the vase as necessary to accommodate this. When the flowers are approaching imminent death, snip off the few remaining blooms, float them in a bowl of water … and start plotting your next trip to the flower shop.


Flowers with good lasting power: Some flower varieties are just built to last longer than others. These varieties can all go a couple of weeks or so, possible even longer if bought from a good florist and provided proper care…

good bang for the buck: Asiatic/Oriental lilies are pricey but offer good value, as they'll keep sending up new big showy blooms even after they've been cut, and a single stem will generally have 3-6 buds. Do, however, make sure to remove the reddish-colored stamens as soon as the flowers open; not only do they make a mess, but leaving them on will make the flowers wilt sooner. Cymbidium orchids are another sensible splurge, as a single stem will yield a burst of glamorous blooms that last and last.

cheap and hardy: Carnations, especially the little spray ones, are inexpensive and last forever, even without much attention. I know, I know, everyone pooh-poohs them for their cheapness, but they come in a wide array of bright cheery hues and are really kind of pretty. Chrysanthemums are another good flower choice for the budget-conscious.

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