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what goes where?
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Some things probably have to go against the walls Ė entertainment centers, ceiling-high bookcases and the like tend to look strange floating in the middle of a room (although a set of shorter bookcases or open bookcases can be used effectively in a large, long room as a room divider). But lower pieces, like sofas, armchairs and tables, often look better when thereís some space behind them. Besides, youíll suddenly find that you have a whole lot more space to work with when youíre not restricting yourself solely to the perimeter of the room. 

So donít be afraid to pull that sofa out and away from the wall. Even if you only have enough room to pull it out 8" or so, you may find that you now have a good spot to place that funky floor lamp, or one of those narrow sofa tables.

4. Try a different angle: Once youíve moved away from the wall, open yourself to another wacky thought: furniture can go at an angle thatís not parallel to any single wall! Placing a piece of furniture at an angle other than parallel or perpendicular to the walls often helps to soften the geometry of the room. Even a large piece of furniture -- like your bed -- can be turned at an angle to give your room a less stuffy, more relaxed look.


Your first instinct may be to push everything against the wall (above) to get maximum open floor space. But unless you live in a closet, this probably shouldn't be the goal.  Moving some lower pieces -- like sofas and tables, away from the edges can actually create a cozier sense of space, and let you use your space more efficiently to boot (below).

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