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how to choose a hammock
The two most common kinds of hammocks you’ll find are rope hammocks and fabric hammocks. Rope hammocks are more traditional, and are terrific in summertime because the wide open weave will let those nice cool breezes come through from the bottom. The rope can be cotton or synthetic – cotton tends to be softer and will conform more to the body, but synthetics will do a better job of resisting rot. If you find yourself falling in love with a colored rope hammock, make sure to verify that the fiber was dyed before being woven into yarn, not after, since the latter scenario can result in dye being transferred to your clothing. 

The one drawback of rope hammocks is that they have a tendency to leave those not-so-lovely indentations in your skin after you’ve been lying in them all afternoon. This, of course, is a problem you’ll avoid if you go with a fabric hammock instead, which come in a wide variety of different fabrics. Choose cotton for best breathability, coated polyester if you're looking for something waterproof.

If you like the cocoon-like feel of a hammock, get a Mayan-style hammock, which doesn’t have spreader bars. These hammocks do tend to feel slightly more stable, making them a good choice if you’re not the most graceful person in the world, or if you suffer from some obscure falling-out-of-a-hammock phobia. They’re also lightweight and fold up nice and small, which means you can easily pack them along with you on your next beachside retreat. Otherwise, spreader bars will give you more spread-out space (duh), which is particularly nice if you have two people sharing the hammock. The more strings that come through the spreader bars, the better, since it’s indicative of the tightness of the weave. This means more support (good) and in general a higher price (not so good). . where to score a cheap hammock online*

Ramona’s Hammocks www.hamix.com

Ebay www.ebay.com just type in "hammock" to search listings

*We have not personally ordered from any of the websites listed above. Use these resources as a guide when you begin shopping around for your hammock.


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