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how to hang a hammock
Go traditional and hang your hammock in a shady spot in the yard. Choose a location with a nice breeze and a good view. Or get a little wacky, and bring the outdoors inside: place your hammock in a sunny spot in your house, apartment, shack, whatever, then go all out with the beach or garden-themed decorations.

what you’ll need |
2 hook-screws OR 2 eyescrews and 2 s-hooks: Use the latter option if the ends of your hammock aren’t already reinforced with a metal ring, to reduce the amount of friction on the actual ropes. Make sure to select large hooks that are meant to hold up a body or two – hooks should come with labels stating their maximum load capacity, so check them carefully before you tote them back from the hardware store.
2 plastic anchors
(if anchoring in concrete)
electric drill: You’ll need a bit that’s the same size as the plastic anchor, if you’re using anchors, or slightly smaller than the width of the hookscrews/eyescrews if you’re screwing directly into wood
vice grips, pliers or a long   
a hammock
a friend


what to do |
1. You’ll need two sturdy anchor points in order to hang your hammock. Those anchors can come in a multitude of forms — a big tree, a wall, a ceiling joist, a post, the side of your house, essentially anything that’s strong and sturdy enough to support a body or two’s worth of weight. If you’re completely lacking in anything remotely resembling a potential support, freestanding hammock stands are available, but they’ll set you back quite a few clams. For a more economical, do-it-yourself hammock stand, you can plant your own posts just about anywhere in the yard that your heart desires: just sink 4"x4" or 4"x6" wooden (pressure-treated) posts into at least 18" of concrete, once you decide where you want to place your supports.

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