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uvet COVER
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Tired of that flowery Laura Ashley comforter you've been using since your high school days? Give your bedspread a quick makeover by slipping it into a duvet cover. Buying one can easily cost a good $80 or so, but you can make one easily for a tiny fraction of that cost. All you'll need to buy are two flat sheets (look for good deals in outlet stores, or on sale at department stores), some thread, and either velcro strips, ribbon, buttons, snaps, or something else to fasten the cover shut.

Note: when choosing sheets, don't buy the cheap, low-thread count ones, especially if you're covering a patterned comforter. Higher-quality sheets will have a tighter weave and be more opaque. Darker colors will also be less apt to be see-through.

Basic Duvet Cover
What you’ll need |
two flat sheets (for a full-size comforter, you'll probably need queen size sheets, but take measurements first to be sure)
Matching all-purpose thread
sewing machine
colored pencil 
measuring tape/ yardstick
pair of scissors
either velcro strips, ribbon, buttons, snaps, or some other fasteners

Approximate time |
You should be able to complete this in 2 hours or less.

Instructions |
1 Take apart all the seams on the two sheets. Tip: If you pull on the thread from the right direction, it should quite easily tear free from the fabric. To figure out which end to pull from, choose an arbitrary point along the middle of the length of the seam. Snip the thread. Try pulling in one direction; if there’s resistance, give the other direction a shot.

Wash the sheets to pre-shrink. Iron flat. 

3 Measure the width, W, and length, L of your duvet/comforter.

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