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8 Using a sewing machine, sew a straight stitch to close up the three marked sides.

9 Almost done! All thatís left is to decide upon a method of keeping the open-side closed. 

If you just want something utilitarian and inconspicuous, sew strips of velcro along both sides of the opening, or install snaps. 

For a prettier look, sew little strips of ribbon along the width of both sides of the opening to make ribbon tie closures. Or if you're up for a little more work, find some spiffy buttons. Sew the buttons along one side along the width, then make corresponding button holes along the other side Don't know how? Check out our easy  instructions for "How to Sew a Buttonhole".

Whatever fastener you end up choosing, you'll want to attach a fastener every 6-8" or so along the width of the opening.

10 Slide in your duvet, adjust to fit, toss it on your bed and snuggle up under your pretty new covers!

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Get a little fancy...

Make a reversible duvet cover | Choose sheets of different color/ pattern/ fabric for the top and bottom, and you can make a duvet cover that's reversible to suit your mood. Choose a dark blue sheet and a light blue sheet; striped red sheet and solid red sheet; pistachio- green swirl sheet and pistachio- green dotted sheet; lavender satin sheet and lavender cotton sheet... you get the idea. Any closure besides the button closure (which has a definite front-side and back-side) would work fine.



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